A downloadable Dungeon

A mysterious voice talks to you. Asks if you are there for the game. Makes you fight endless amounts of monsters and opponents inside "dungeons." Says it is endless. But is the voice telling the truth or is it lying about it? 

Some Endless Dungeon/Tycoon Game, or SED/TG for short, is my first game. It is made using the very basic components of RMMV. You can play this to pass time, or if you suddenly got bored from typing some stuff.

Hope you like it, even though it was poorly made. Thanks for reading and playing it! :)

Oh, and it's in zip form.

Install instructions

You need , I think, either RMMV or RTP, or both. I seriously don't know what you need to have >_<


random Game.zip 104 MB

Development log


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Made the font Pixel :3

It would be nice to have some screenshots, though.

I will try to get screenshots. Thanks for the suggestion

Play it if you want

Play it if you want