A downloadable Fate

A story about fate, mystery, and truth.

You woke up in a place you don't recognize at all.  The only thing you remember is someone talking to you. Your story was tampered, broken, messed up. It is your duty to fix it and end your story the way it should be. The secret lies within you. Will you be able to reach your true story? Or will you end up not being able to know the truth?Your future lies in your hands. What happens during your adventure will be the deciding factor if you end up in your true story or not.

Fate is my second game that has the potential of having a series. This game will be my foundation to making better games.

Please help me create better games by commenting on what I should add or remove for possible future games. Thanks! Oh, and it is in .zip form.


NG1.zip 349 MB

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Play it if you want. I appreciate players who play it :3